Kid's language

We took a long ride to New Brunswick to attend the Táncház at St. Ladislaus School. 

Car rides are an unpleasant part of life. I'd rather not strap Beren into the car. Neither Jared nor I like the car too much either. Jared usually bites his fingernails. I usually ask him to slow down a bit even though he doesn't drive very fast and I prefer that he drive anyway.

We try to be creative about making the time pass. Otherwise, we're gritting our teeth as Beren complains from the backseat. Get this off, he shrieks as he tugs on the buckle across his chest.

He's bored, frustrated. I read books form the passenger seat. We comment on noisy vehicles, fast vehicles, and construction vehicles. There's often not much to see on the road other than vehicles.

On a recent drive we talked about bunnies living in thickets. As we approached a construction site, he asked, "What is that digger doing there?" "Making a mess," I replied. "Killing bunnies," I added under my breath. Cars and truck toys are part of life. Making conversation about them as we drive is a part of life.

I'm tired of vehicles in play, conversation, and reality.

December is approaching. Birthday, Chanukah, Christmas. It's a stack up. Please, no vehicles unless they are incredibly cool.


Here's how I got a very tired kid through the half hour car ride to a very fun birthday party without mentioning vehicles:

Beren says: I'm gonna beave it down. [As in, I am going to use my teeth like a beaver.]

I say: What about that mailbox?

Beren says: I'm gonna beave it down.

Me: Really?!

Beren: I'm gonna gnaw it!

Me: What about that fence? Etc.

Beren: I'm a baby duck.

Me: Quack! Where is the water?

Beren: I'm a skunk!

Me: Are you going to make skunk stink?

Beren: I'm going to make it stinky.

Me: You are? Stinky! Oh no! It's stinky in here.

Beren: I'm a stinky skunk.

Me: Roll down those windows, please. Etc.