Feather in hand

I already posted this photo once before, but I never wrote about it directly. Here, Beren plays in a cover crop at an organic farm, Chickadee Creek Farm.

At the annual members' picnic, Jared and I lead separate groups through the farm's natural areas, telling CSA members about the plants and wildlife. I should say that Beren and I lead a group together. He was by my side until we reached the creek. He strode along and left he trail to help me point out spicebush. He picked the golden ragwort as I described it to our group.

My in-laws, also CSA members at the farm, had come along to watch Beren. Until the creek, they didn't need to. Beren was my co-pilot. I admired him so greatly.


The librarian asked Beren, "Where's your feather?" She continued, this time addressing me, "He usually comes in with a feather."

I smiled to myself. She was so observant, and I was charmed that my son would so frequently carry a feather into the library.

Beren has a secret life at two and a half. Once a week he goes to storytime at a local library with Jared. The staff greet him like a familiar friend.

Once I took Beren to storytime and assisted in cleaning up the craft materials and toys. The volunteer who leads storytime said, "Oh, Beren likes to put the toys back in their place. He does this every week." I stepped back and watched him go.

I like his secret life. It's interesting to me. I'm curious but he keeps his secrets. "What were the stories about this week? What other kids were there?" He never answers.