My camera was in my pocket on a recent trip to the kiddie pool. No camera, no photos. I haven't yet found the new camera of my dreams.


I'm an earth sign, but water is my ground. Water, so long as both feet are on the ground. The beach, any beach, is my heaven.

Today, I dropped Jared off at a meeting near Spruce Run. Beren and I made the long trip so we could go swimming in the reservoir. Each time Beren tired of the drive, I reminded him of our goal. Swimming. "Momma, Papa, too," he said. "No, just Momma and Beren. I wish Papa was coming,"I replied. "He has to work."

The water was like a bathtub. Groups of school age kids splashed and called to each other. I frequently let Beren wander away from me to have his space. He'd turn to catch my eye. I'd smile and he'd smile back and continue on his way.

Surrounded by warm water, we played idly for an hour and a half until we needed a snack. I could tell by expression and manner. Then, he observed a large, busty woman scoop water onto her breasts as her infant son fell into them hands first. I knew what would happen next. Beren turned to me and said, "Nummies." "She has big nummies, huh? Let's go get our snack," I answered. We sat down on the sand and  each put down a couple slabs of watermelon and a handful of corn chips. Then, we headed back into the water for another half hour.

Beren stumbled and went under, and we were done for the day. It was past time to pick up Jared, anyway. I avoided the bath house which seemed fine, but a sign warned potential swimmers with recent diarrhea or gastrointestinal problems from entering the water. I didn't want to tempt fate.