Dream training

Last night, I dreamed that my son was hurt, but can't recall the dream's contents. Upon falling asleep, I dreamed again that my son was badly hurt. I looked into his eyes, swirling with blue, his pupils were pinpoints.

And so, in partial awakeness, I gazed at my son's dreamtime eyes and felt terror rise. What will I do, what will I do? Hospital? Call our physician? In partial dreamtime, I pushed down the fear. I would not let the dream end until I gave him Aconitum and Arnica.

I woke with chills. My arm was asleep and my son by my side.

I read recently in Native Healer: Initiation into an Ancient Art by Medicine Grizzlybear Lake that traditional shamans learn dream training. Because in their dreams they receive guidance, information, and visions; visions that may need to be altered. Outcomes can be altered.

As a young girl I had a recurring dream of walking down a rural road accompanied by another young girl. I recognized the road - it was one that a friend lived on. At the bottom of the hill sat a large, old farmhouse, where a young boy had drowned in the farm pond, my friend had told me. The pond sat, dark, by the road.

In the dream, I knew this brown-haired girl had bad plans for me, but we walked on, and I could not stop my legs from moving down the sloping road. Left and right, left and right, we walked side by side. I always woke before anything of physical consequence occurred. Simply, my terror mounted.

On night I had this dream, and I decided to turn on the girl. I jumped on her, pounded her head, but she walked on. I floated along beside her. On one night I never had the dream again.