Rue Anemone Flower Essence

Early spring is a time when our dried herb cabinet is bare. Only nettles, corn silk, and holy basil are left. The rain, sun and warmth bringing forth the plants will change that. 

Jared clipped back the rue anemone flowers on our nursery plants. He put them into a beautiful bowl we bought at Pearl River in NYC.

"I guess I'm making a flower essence," he said. So, I moved it to the windowsill to catch the spring sunlight.

Later that evening, I mixed the infused water half and half with brandy. Our choice is pictured.

The mother tincture fit in this little jelly jar. I'll take a drop of this tincture and add it to one ounce of brandy. Flower essence mothers go a long way, as you can see. I asked Jared what the essence was for, and he replied, "Friendliness."