Tonight's one of those nights when bedtime just doesn't work out.

The day was exciting - we spent the morning at a friend's house. She and I made a salve on her deck while the kids got sandy in the sandbox, then naked, then wet in the wash basin, then smudgy dirty as their wet bodies picked up the dust and soil that whirled in the dry wind and covered everything including our children.

When we arrived at home, Jared was finishing the red cabbage, rice, and venison hotdog leftovers. We descended on his "plate", the still scorching hot Pyrex dish he heated the food in. "I thought you were having lunch out," Jared said. "I would have cooked something."

We snacked our way through the rest of the afternoon - popcorn, hummus & cucumbers, chips & salsa, cheese. We took a siesta in the late afternoon after Jared and I snuck a tiny bit more work in and designed a couple banners for our business.

We dug in the garden after the heat passed. We composted and turned our beds, planted catnip (a tap-rooted mint?? No wonder it doesn't like our clay soil), mint, and lemon balm, picked dandelions for supper, and discovered a nest of baby voles.

We made a simple pasta dinner with a side of dandelion greens fried in 2 day old bacon grease. Jared, typically the conservative one on food handling, believed me when I said, "I don't think it goes bad." Hours later, we're feeling fine, except for the late bedtime, which I am about to get to.

After dinner came bathtime and then bedtime. Beren's eyes became heavy, but the thunder rolled in and then the rain, and then the neighbor's barking dog sealed the deal. It's 8:57 p.m. and bedtime is usually 7:00 or 7:30.

It's summer, I mean spring, so our spirits are high. We'll just have a tired kid tomorrow.