Out of the mouths of babes

Skunk cabbage's fowahs are yed

My son can't yet pronounce 'r' or 'l'. The combination 'st' is also difficult. There's the colors "puh-pah," "boo," "yed," and "yeh-whoa." There's a host of words that I can't yet interpret, but mostly we understand what Beren is saying.

"Stack" sounds like "dack."

"Stick" sounds like...

"Block" sounds like "bock."

"Clock" sounds like... At a party featuring all adults but one other child, he surprised a room full of young, unmarried men and women by shouting "Cock! Cock! Cock! Cock!" No rooster in sight, eyebrows were raised until I agreed, "Yes, that's a clock on the wall."

Early on, he got the 'x' sound, but then lost it and replaced it with a 'k' sound. It made the word "fox" sound like... Luckily, the 'x' sound is back.

Oh, and is favorite food is "taw-kit". Can you guess what that is?