My Kid Made This

Isn't this really nice? C'mon, it is.

My son is fairly evenhanded, so we let him play with all kinds of things. At the day's end, the sprawl of playthings can't simply be dumped in his toy box.

After a morning playing outside, we pulled out a drawer harboring my collection of fabric and ribbons. Beren and I spent part of the afternoon adorning our necks with ribbon scarves, tossing skeins of yarn, and stuffing my grandmother's Sunday gloves with batting. Then, there's herb play which results in dried hawthorne berries scattered across the floor. Or, 'magic beans', the mix of dried beans that Beren makes 'soup' from. Jared sighs as his footfalls create a crackling spray of cannellinis and pintos.

Daily, Beren turns the house on its ear. Ask my husband who is currently lumbering through the house. He's saddled with the bottom drawer of our bureau, which contains my fabric and ribbon collection. (Little does he know, he's playing right into my blog, here.) He's cursing as he puts the drawer back in. It's a tough corner of the house. There's barely enough room to maneuver the drawer before it hits the chair that our printer sits on.

Today Beren asked for the ceramic salt and pepper shakers - a pair of birds, one black, one white. They sit on a shelf cluttered with glass bottles, dried flowers, feathers, and nests that we found in the woods. He then asked for the cardinal feather and the thrush feathers. Communications were a bit more drawn out than I describe here, but I got him the correct feathers.

This is what he made.