Can you guess what these things are?

These are some of tired, old things around our house. The top image is our pick up truck with balding tires - it is growing lichen. 

That's pretty inspiring, the lichen anyway. The decision to replace the tires has been made, now we just have to pay for them.

Then, there is the mouse-chewed label on my camera case. Even less inspiring than buying new tires. The bottom of which bag of mine is covered in mouse droppings? 

We've been exporting dead mice all winter. It's not a mast year, but not to worry, they have found necessary calories in plastic. They also chew on each other when we leave a sprung trap in the basement for longer than a day or two. Is that necro-cannibalism or waste not want not?

Last, a lunar landscape or my son's diapers? Yup, diapers. Jared and I have been meaning to replace them for awhile now. Beren's using the potty here and there. No rush, right? I cut down some of the bigger diapers we never used. The above diapers have been demoted to rag status.