What's green in the greenhouse today

 Lonicera sempervirens - Trumpet honeysuckle, our native honeysuckle, is known to bloom throughout the season. Ours has been working on this set of flowers since the autumn.

I retrieved the top hatch for the greenhouse from the wood's edge and clamped it in place. Last night's winds and rain were strong, flooding the ditches around our house, filling intermittent streams, and providing a nice back drop to Jared and my before bed conversations.

You know, I work part-time, so does Jared. We have a business together. We have a toddler together as well. I hardly see him or talk to him. We're so busy.

A few years ago, we started a ritual of looking each other in the eyes before turning the lights out at the day's end. It's hardly enough. I have consciously begun looking him in the eye when we talk, even when I say, "Yes, I'll have peanut butter and jelly for lunch tomorrow. Thank you for packing my lunch."

We say, "Thank you." We say, "I'm sorry." We say, "I love you." 

Even better when we add the other's name to the declaration. I sometimes surprised to hear him say, "Thank you, Rachel" as I pass the jar of jam. I think addressing each other by name is meaningful. He could be thanking anyone - god, the heavens, the butter knife he uses to spread refrigerator-cold peanut butter for not tearing a hole in the slice of old bread. 

Hearing my name, I feel welcomed - it's me and not someone else. 

 Lonicera sempervirens - Trumpet honeysuckle, showy fruit and its signature fused leaves just below the fruit/flower.

 Fragaria virginiana - Wild strawberry

Sedum ternatum- Woodland stonecrop

 Aquilegia canadensis - Wild columbine

Geranium maculatum - Wild geranium

Mitchella repens - Partridgeberry

Cornus canadensis - Bunchberry