Watching the birds at the feeder. I wish we had other windows that were accessible.

"Pungo" means penguin
"Di-noh" means dinosaur
"Anhy-mo" means animal
"Di-na" means down there
"Pug" and "Cug" are still undefined

Moon, balloon, bear, car, house...words mastered and put away. No need to repeat them.

"Um um" (nummies) and "dis" (this) are among the few words that are kept current.


Beren whispers words: "Hug, hug, hug."

He uses a vintage Valentine's day scarf to swaddle his new xylophone and places it back into its box.

"Rahp," he whispers.

From the armchair, I observe him. "Wrapping a gift?" I ask.

He nods.


"When will he talk?" his auntie asks. "He understands everything."

"When will you talk to me?" his grandfather asks.