This head glows in the dark.

The three of us walked down the lane after dinner. "Hold hands, it's dark," I said. Beren grabbed my left hand and Jared's right. We descended the stairs. Beren pointed to a light flickering in the forest.

"At night everything looks different," I said.

"You can't see houses, but you can see the lights from the windows," Jared added.

We looked at the sky, a few stars, a plane, pinkish clouds. The power has been back on for weeks, and again our stars hide behind the milky haze of distant lights - Montgomery Township High School, Route 206...

I watched Beren, distracted by thoughts of what he might be thinking, of when he might go to bed tonight having had such a late nap, of what would I do if he became lost in the dark.

As our eyes adjusted, Beren dropped our hands and searched the leaves at the edge of the lane. He handed me one, a beech leaf, and Jared another.

When we turned towards home, Beren pulled off his white hat, revealing his green hat beneath. I noted that this hat blended very well with the dark forest, and my heart skipped. He pulled off the green hat. His white-blonde head glowed, and he was visible again. And thus, the target of the parental lecture entitled, You Must Wear Your Hat.

He had not signed up for this course, he protested, but the lecture continued. He received a failing grade and was whisked back to the house.


Friends of ours also have a two year old. Their daughter was recently observed running across a wet parking lot in her socks. Shoes? No dice.

"I have another pair of socks for her," her mom said, watching her spouse dash after the toddler.

It's not easy dressing a young child.