sh*t system

Hurricane Sandy kitchen. Lamp and canning kettle of water for washing on the useless electric stove. Coleman camp stove for cooking. Still on long term loan from my parents. They want to loan it to my brother and his girlfriend who were also without power, but couldn't find it. "I think Rachel has it," my mother told them. Sorry, little brother!

We're all back on solids now. Everyone's sh*t system (that's how we, the adults, call it) is up and running. Mostly.

My friend's daughter had this stomach virus the night of the storm. "We went through every diaper and rag in the house. She sat in my lap for eight hours by the fireplace and threw up the entire time." They went to a hotel that had a washer and dryer.

They got their power back a day before us and invited us over for dinner.

My friend called a couple days later, "Hey, how are you? Got power back?"

"We're all throwing up," I said.

"Oh no, oh no. I disinfected everything before you came over."

We probably picked it up somewhere else. The timing of our visits didn't overlap with highly contagious times.

I emailed my friend and mentioned Beren's 'ucky' diapers.

"Once the vomiting stopped, the pooping started. Took a long time to get better," she replied.

Imagine bread dough before adding the final three cups of flour mixed with French's mustard and really sour. Very sour. Very persistent aroma. Very ucky.