Seaside Heights Boardwalk

 Carousel horse

I spent many summer nights walking the boardwalk at Seaside Heights. I loved it. I loved the lights. I loved the guy with long, jet black hair with bright green streaks that swished against his leather jacket. My grandfather did not. He gripped my hand tighter and shook his head.

"I just want to eat my way up and down the boardwalk," I would tell my husband.

A trip to Seaside meant a long day - a short hike at the Webb's Mill Bog, a swim in ocean at Island Beach State Park, and then dinner and an evening stroll on the boardwalk. We would check in at Big Hearted John's to say hi to a college friend who was a barker there.

Storytime is over, so my husband and son are on their way down the steps. I hear children's voices chirping, Bye bye. Time to sign off. Here are photos of Seaside Heights:

All that target practice with my father made me pretty good at the Carson City shooting gallery. A buck for 25 shots. I impressed my husband with my aim.

 The fortune teller 

 Kohr's since 1929

 The Sawmill bar

 Hippie and rock 'n roll posters

 Midway Steakhouse

 Kiddie ride on the pavilion

 On the street

The bathroom 

 Arctic Circle

 Ferris wheel

 Lucky Leo's. Just by chance, I went to Tracker School with the owner of Leo's about five years ago.

 Kiddie ride

 Boardwalk ride

 Musik Express

Stillwalk Manor