Last night the internet kicked back on and my stress level went way up.  I did not miss email. Not at all. I quickly checked work email. Sixty-three emails. Power is out at the office anyway, my executive director wrote from her Blackberry.

Power is still out at home, so I am sitting at the Hopewell Borough Library among a cluster of laptop users, newspaper readers, and library computer workstation users. Upstairs, my husband and son are at storytime.

As we drove down Zion and Hollow Roads, we saw bucket trucks and line men (and one woman) working. One truck was loaded with new poles. Perhaps the power will be on soon. We have had several luxuries - a wood stove, a full refrigerator, some garden vegetables, and a generator that my landlord runs twice a day for a couple hours. Our ice cream never melted.

We have spent much of our days outside. Grey days, hardly much sun, very damp and windy.

During the past few days, my son learned how to blow out candles. He is good at it. Last time we tried blowing on anything, he ate dandelion seeds instead of blowing them. I don't know when he has been practicing.