Dear Nana,

So about Jared's just shy of 90 Nana and her aches and pains... No actually about my aches and pains, and Jared's too:

November 25, 2012

Dear Nana,
This Virus from H*ll is just that. My mom came down with it just two days after seeing her (we had been well for nearly a week). Two days after she caught it, my dad went down. They cancelled Thanksgiving dinner and told my brother and his girlfriend, "Stay home."

After the stomach virus went away, I got mastitis and had (just fading now) a large red crescent on my right breast which was also hard, painful, and swollen. Jared's weekend project of brewing spikenard root syrup had immediate use - it's a remedy for mastitis, so I have been sipping the acrid, unsweetened infusion.

I have also been applying heat and cabbage leaves. I tucked the cabbage in my shirt just before several friends and acquaintances arrived to help at our plant nursery. In time, the wilting foliage began to slip. They would have understood (and never seen coleslaw the same again), but I hustled into the house and composted the leaves before they hit the potting soil.

I had a couple tiny insect bites become red and raw, like burns.

Jared also had a skin reactions - a blistering poison ivy-like rash on his wrist and both forearms. He's been doing oats, nettles, and homeopathic Rhus tox. He's finally feeling better.

I hope you are doing well!


 Spikenard fruit (l) and Poison ivy vine (r)