No matter how much you mow, no matter how droughty, English plantain will flower. 

I was recently asked, now that my son is older (22 months), if I have more time to do things for myself. I gave a long-winded answer that intertwines my communication style, featuring my father's loquacious, story telling lineage, my Elvish way of perceiving the world, and my worry that what I am saying is confusing, non-linear, and boring. 

I asked you what time it was, not how to make a watch.
Excuse Seventeen


Go not to the elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes.
J.R.R. Tolkein


Quit your yammering. 
Grandpa Mackow to Grandma Mackow

So, I could go on and on, yes and no, and ...