Getting out of the house with a toddler, Princeton Public Library dance night

Dance night had stiff competition from the Halloween parade led by the Princeton University marching band. We spent only ten minutes there and left as our son was warming up. Staff provided danceable Sixties tunes, tambourines, shakers, and colorful scarves.

I would go again though most parents sat along the walls communicating with electronic devices or taking photos.

As a parent, I have realized that I can teach my child how to play. I am surprised at how good at pretending, imagining, climbing, and jumping my son is. Over and over I am surprised. Together our play is even better. I like to blur the lines better adulthood and childhood. He's a child and I am a parent. He like to imitate the 'big people' things I do - driving a car, fixing things. So, when Jared and I dance and play with him, I would like to think that he is imitating our play, too.