Laport Preserve, Hunterdon County Parks, 9/15/12

 Gerardia, this plant is so hairy

Our picnic next to the parking lot was pleasant. Leftovers, watermelon, cheese sticks. Beren pulled bark off logs. I noted the signs of herbicide spraying also edging the lot. Jared laid on his back in the grass.

Gerardia and wool grass at the meadow's edge. Gerardia tends to occur in more open, more recently mowed areas of the meadow, and not among the densest stands of goldenrod.

The walk itself was rough. After much pinching (of me) and family-wide crankiness, Beren fell asleep in my arms while nursing. My arms wearied as we approached the car.

Beren is working on a couple molars and making us work, too. Naps are at odd times, or not at all. Bedtime ranges from 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm. Distraction is the best tactic, so we have taken many trips to the playground. He nurses very frequently and can be demanding and abrupt. One moment he is playing with blocks, the next he is in my lap and biting my nipple through my shirt.

This can make dinner with family difficult.

 Symmetrical dogbane

Next year's dogwood flower bud