Getting out of the house with a toddler - The big one

Leaving the U.S., take off from Newark International Airport. July 2012
Once the lights below disappeared, I clobbered my thoughts of "We Are Flying Over The Atlantic Ocean Right Now And Will Be For Many Hours To Come" with a blunt object.

Jet lag. Szigliget, Hungary.

Traveling with a toddler was fine actually. Upon landing in a foreign land, my son was a bit clingy. Then there was that 1/2 hour at the beach when I was unmoored from my Hungarian-speaking husband  and in-laws - What's the word from "Women"? I really, really have to pee! and I'm really, really hungry. What was the name of the pastry I was supposed to find? Ummmmm. How about pizza for breakfast? My son obliged readily. 

Over Munich. The edges of the farm fields are straight, so straight. The lines in Hungary, our final destination, were ragged.

We were waved to front of many lines in airports, leaving and returning. A customs officer watched me struggle with my tired son for just a moment. "Returning U.S. Citizens?" "Yes." "Come with me." He reviewed our documents - our declarations: a box of candy and tee shirt. Big spenders. Stamp stamp stamp. "Welcome back," he announced.

We did it. The big one. International travel.

Helpful items:

  1. New, small, interesting toys - animal and people figurines
  2. Snacks, lots of snacks - mostly for my husband and me
  3. A small photo album of familiar people, places and things from home. It was interesting to our son and our relatives who we were visiting. Thank you to the experienced mom who gave me this idea. 
  4. Luck. My husband nicknamed our son "Sleep Genius." It all just worked out.