The car's thermometer read 95 at 9:30 p.m. on July 6, 2010. That's really hot.

Mention the words "summer" and "pregnant" to a pregnant or once pregnant woman, and one might hear groans. I was cookin' when I was pregnant. I was a very happy pregnant lady, but also a hot, sweaty pregnant lady. 

Mention "the heat" to a Sikh gas station attendant on the outskirts of the Pine Barrens and one might hear, "I love the heat. I love the sun. It is unhealthy not to sweat. Air conditioning is not good. Nature does everything right. I love nature."


On the hottest day of the past week, my husband and I took a siesta under the ceiling fan while our son napped. Later, we drank mojitos (I still can't get the recipe right) with friends by the kiddie pool.

Today my son and I squeezed into the pool together. I displaced a couple dump trucks and nursery pots, and a few times my son himself. I reluctantly got out, realizing after the second time my son toppled backwards and out of the pool, I was just too big.

In the afternoon, we joined the masses at Target, purchasing a sun hat, batteries, clothes, and envelopes. Numerous items went in and out of the cart. Too junky, too ugly, find it used...

Meanwhile, the parking lot contributed to global warming - our car's thermometer easily broke 100.