In a grump

The Very Spiny and Grumpy Caterpillar
American Lady caterpillar on pussytoes, June 13, 2012 

Everything about the weekend was nice. The weather, enjoyable activities, excellent meals prepared from the garden, lots of smiles from the babe. Didn't really matter that one of the jars of dilly beans blew up in the canner.

Then, a friend and her baby visited, bearing a loaner baby pool and a bag of lettuce. As we talked on the porch, I heard a wail from inside. My son had been napping, but he was not in bed. I found him in the office, tears running down his face. This is where he usually looks if he can't find me. I worked from home for several months and this habit has not been broken.

He was groggy for much of the visit but did observe the other baby teething on a rock. I know this because hours later he put a big rock in his mouth.

Then, I pulled a tick off my son's leg.

Then, we quickly changed clothes and packed snacks. My son was still edgy. I blew bubbles. Things seemed better. We - my husband, son and myself - put on our shoes. My son trailed me to the car, wailing.

Then, we drove nearly an hour to see a house for sale. I plied my son with Annie's Cheddar Bunnnies, Puppy Dog the stuffed puppy dog, toy cars, and water.

My son clung to me. He gave me multiple kisses as we stood in an empty living room with the realtor. I was stunned and charmed and not fully able to enjoy this new experience. I regretted the timing.

Then, we got back into the car. Diaper was changed. Fuss occurred on the way to the carseat. I understand.

Then, we drove to the health food store to buy Ledum palustre 10c for the tick bite. I had been holing my pee since we left the house. No bathroom at the store.

Then, we went to an unexciting 'California-style Mexican' restaurant in New Hope on the recommendation of the health food store employee. "California-style Mexican' reads 'Ominous and Inauthentic' to me. We ordered a burrito platter and an enchilada platter.

Then, we waited. My husband and son observed the New Hope & Ivyland train rolling by and ran outside to watch. They waved bye-bye to the train and turned back towards the restaurant. I caught my son's eye and he beamed.

Then, We were served unappealing food on grey styrofoam platters. My hope of leftovers for lunch tomorrow was quashed.

Then, we walked to the train station and ran up and down the boardwalk ramps and stairs, laughing.

Then, we got back in the car.

Then, we arrived at home, showered and began the bedtime routine.

Then, I got hiccoughs. My son was not interested in the routine. I became very grumpy and balanced the checkbook, declined a wedding invitation that sounded like a fun wedding to attend, sorted recycling and filing, wrote a check, sent a mildly unpleasant email, and other dreary tasks sure to end a grumpy mood.

Then, my husband changed my son's diaper. Something had been bothering him. He crawled up in my lap and fell asleep.

Then, I abandoned my exhausted husband in the living room, did a load of laundry, hardboiled three eggs and made cous cous for lunch, searched for gin and tonic, got distracted, dumped out the water, dilly beans, and broken glass from the canner, brought in my son's sandals from the side porch that had been drying outside, and took a couple sips of blackhaw tea I had made for my hiccoughs long gone.

So, I'm in a grump, but otherwise it was a great weekend. We're hitting our stride as a family. We understand each other, how to make each other happy and cheer each other up. My son finally saw a train. He gets it. I received several kisses.

In the meantime, I'll take a couple Annie's Cheddar Bunnies and kisses. I'll be plied with kisses. That would do.