Getting out of the house with a toddler - Hopewell Borough

Hopewell Borough Park

I don't have any photographs of town, just this b&w one of a field within the park and a few snapshots of what appears to be Callery pear. If only the Borough had not planted that menace as a street tree... That's not the point of this writing, but this is,

Hopewell Borough is a great place to go with children.

1. The Little Red Library - two rooms - adult downstairs, children's up. It's easy to keep an eye on the young one while browsing for children's books. The selection is wonderful. Excellent, excellent, excellent staff and volunteers.

2. Boro Bean - also friendly. The side porch has a train table and train set. Inside are toys and games. Food is tasty, affordable.

3. Post Office - also friendly (see the theme, here?). Great place to practice putting mail on the counter and putting envelopes into the slot.

4. Sidewalks and ample crosswalks - my son waved to an elderly woman who stopped for us. What a charmer. I could see her red lipsticked lips in a big smile.

5. U.S. 1 newsboxes - ok, so it's not friendly, but it's central Jersey's Village Voice for the culture starved. I'm still hungry, though. You can also find out what regional businesses have gone out of business, moved or merged. It's a curiosity of mine.

6. Playgrounds - multiple for various ages.

7. Park - trails, stream, and some native plants.

8. Fire Station - need I say more.

9. Antimo's restaurant - very friendly to families. Food is very good and affordable. Having a child priced us out of Nomad Pizza, which is also family friendly with outdoor seating.

What Hopewell Borough's lacking - a hardware store and a small market. It does have an auto store, which is also friendly, especially when you are accompanied by a well-behaved and friendly toddler.