what's new

New things:
saying "shzzz" (cheese)
blowing kisses (last night at bedtime)
sharing food with toys (dolls, stuffed animals, trucks with faces)
playing teatime (pretending to drink and sharing with toys)
a pair of sandals (already submerged in puddles)
tentative bye-bye to the Ameda breast pump and traveling road show (pump, bags, cooler, ice pack)
better sleep (a couple times through the night)
except for 2 nights ago when my son woke me about 5 times, including for about 45 minutes at 3:30AM at which time I gave him catnip and elderflower tea by the dropper full (high fever, scary)
burgeoning sense of what the potty is (thank you, oh dedicated spouse)
'nursing' my son's toys (a wooden bird, a beaver puppet at the doctor's)
all the birds are here
lots of red admiral butterflies