Dinner (quiche) sits on the counter long past what the USDA might recommend. A board book, a gift from my parents to my son, dries nearby after my son splashed it with catnip tea. I saved the inscription from a watery oblivion.

We've been looking at real estate listings online. Well, actually, Jared's been looking. I peer over his shoulder and admire his tenacity and criticize his posture and nail biting. I'm not very helpful. Home ownership in New Jersey is a distant dream, perhaps one that will one day drive us to distant places. Here, it seems, one needs to be employed as at least a middle manager in the 'pharma' industry to afford the price of a home, land, taxes and insurance.

I'm not planning on complaining, but instead I am presenting an homage to real estate photography. This is my home. My little rental in the woods.

 On the wall to wall carpet: catnip tea, butterfly binocular case, vintage blender base.

 Close up of carpet, includes left shoe size 6, a rock, Scotch brand tape, tablespoon.

 View of front door.

 View of kitchen. Camera white balanced to obscure fluorescent lighting.

Weatherwood Design child's chair, dirty laundry, and djembe not included.

 Master bedroom, child's bedroom, office. 

 Detail of child's room and workshop. 

Library and laundry room.