Shoes off outside was suspended today in the interest of getting some serious chores done.

Today was a good old fashioned work day - we washed dishes, watered peas, collard, and kale, cleaned out the greenhouse, mowed, candied calamus roots, violets, and limes. We pulled the kestrel box off the telephone pole and no one was hurt - not the starling who wanted to nest in the box, not me who tried using a crowbar to remove the box, not my husband who used a power drill, compost fork, and a lasso, not our 16 month old son who was fascinated, is way too good at climbing ladders, and was very excited about the cordless Makita drill. We made phone calls. We seasoned the cast iron waffle maker. We grilled for dinner. We planted echinacea. We took a shower and readied for bedtime.