I am a land steward. I am an herbalist. I am a photographer. I am a mother, a wife.

Chickweed will be important this year. Chickweed means something different to each one of my selves.

Chickweed is a sign of eroded, possibly over-grazed, loose, shaley soils. It can be found in open woodlands and gardens. It is non-native and non-invasive.

Chickweed is a mover of the contents of stuck lumps and bumps: splinters, pimples, pincers, fresh welts left by insect bites, and old nodes left by past bites. It can draw the stuck out.

Chickweed is an little starry weed of my garden and yard. It shows up early. We eat it in omelets and are thankful because or garden seeds languished in the odd heat and droughty weather of March. Those that survived desiccation succumbed to frost. Not chickweed.

Chickweed salve in a Bonne Maman jelly jar sits on a corner of our bathroom sink. It is the place of honor, where an herb of frequent use resides until it is replaced by another.

Chickweed will be important this year.