When the winter blues descend

Maybe you feel a bit tired. A deep forest settlement. A bulging wall (not shown) finally gave way last year.

When the winter blues descend, it might be a 49 degree partly sunny day that starts off well. Maybe it's that the house is quiet but for your napping child's stuffy nose. Maybe it's that the house is a little, or a lot messy. Maybe it's that you spent the morning with friends, acquaintances and their children, noisy banging, sharing stories, and then you eat lunch alone. Maybe it's that you nearly landed your certified pre-owned vehicle in a ditch while watching your child drift to sleep. Maybe it's that the weekend is truly over. Maybe it's that it is oddly warm and it never felt like the holidays, even thought the holidays can be an up and down time anyway, so who cares? Spring will come.

Maybe you feel like old ideas are wearing thin. 

Moldy, dried out, and bug-eaten.