Blind Man's Bluff

A favorite: walking through the curtain, a baby's blind man's bluff, in which my son listened to his parents' crooning, "Where's Beren? Where is he? I don't see him." He responded by gleefully crashing through curtain into the room. As he reached the end of the curtain, his laughing face was revealed. He went back and forth, from lit room to darkened room, avoiding toys, crumpled blankets, and other pitfalls. He walked directly into the bedroom, but trips into the dining room were different. He calculated that walking straight would cause him to run into the front door before the curtain ended. He never had to hit the front door to learn that. He simply made an arc to his right, passing expertly through the dining room chairs and his high chair. 

My son has learned the art of the pause. Last night I watched him present the book I Am A Bunny to a visiting friend. She offered to read to him, and he climbed into her lap. He leans against the wall or bed, feeling something is behind him. He embraces large plush toys, pillows, soft blankets. Now that he has proven he can walk, he can also stop.

Meanwhile, movement has reached new levels. Truly new levels - he can climb the dining room chairs, the outside of his crib, from the bed he can climb onto the window sill by holding onto the window sash (we try to discourage this, but Jared and I had to witness and then photograph and then videotape. So, he's done this at least four times. At least.).