Rain Barrels, Barrels and Barrels

We're still working on the house - our house always grows mold in August. This year was the worst. According to preliminary data from Rutgers an average of 17.22 inches of rain fell in August. Our 'new normal' for August is only 4.21 inches. The house was disgusting - my throat closed, my chest tightened, and I coughed every time I was inside. My son, too, became ill. We felt better outside and away, but getting out and away while 17.22 inches of rain fell was difficult.

Mold grew on the
musical instruments
kitchen drawers
kitchen implements
on the isopropyl alcohol bottle!

My vintage light clothes became spotted rusty colored ('foxed' is the used book term), photo mattes warped and mildewy, anything black was spotted whitish-grey... I'm still opening boxes and leaving things in the sun.