Sassafras hedgerow

I never crop my images, or so I say.

What is excluded from the frame? What is included in the frame? Why was the photographer made these choices? Who is the photographer?

These are the questions we asked again and again during critiques and slide shows of well-known photographers at the university.

Sometimes in the photo there was an indigenous person (a person closer to ancestral culture or very much Other than ourselves, the university students) carrying an object (Coke can), wearing striking clothing (Yankees t-shirt), or in a terrible place (environmental wasteland such as a city, barren land, woeful cropfield). The person displayed various degrees of dignity.

"It's ironic that..." a classmate might begin when asked to comment on the image.

"What the photographer does not reveal, is the..." another would continue.

Above, I've decided to crop out the invasive Callery pear seedling that was in the foreground of this photo. Bright red and out of place against an autumn sky and sassafras hedgerow. I just couldn't stand it.