And then the next storm came...

Mother and child vagabond in the public square by the Princeton Public Library. Here, we stop for lunch--a Rainbow Wrap from Whole Earth Center's booth at the Princeton Farmer's Market. We found our appointed seat. During the blackout my son and I walked into Princeton a half dozen times to pass the time.

We left Saturday (10/29) morning for kung fu class and dropped our son off at my in-laws' house. We packed pretty well, thinking we might stay out after class.

As we practiced, the rain shifted to snow.

Back at my in-law's the world appeared ready for snow shoes, not trick or treating. We called our house, and already, the power was out. No answering machine - no power.

Snow fell, branches fell. Our son was ill, my husband was ill. We stayed with my in laws until our power came back on Thursday night.