Goodbye to another car

Sunset at Dayton Toyota, late September 2011.
Our old vehicle in right foreground, new in center, other people's tired cars awaiting service in background.

One of my grade school teachers liked to quote Ben Franklin. "When the founding fathers were drafting the Constitution," my teacher explained, "Benjamin Franklin would point at the carving on the chair he sat on and say, 'Gentlemen, I am glad to see that this is a rising sun and not a setting sun.'"

Was it the Constitution drafting? Maybe it was the Declaration. Was Ben sitting in the seat or was George? Or, was it a wall hanging of a sun. I must admit, I can't recall. That's not the point, so why mention a tattered memory of two decades ago? To reveal my poor memory? My odd memory? My lack of memorization of American history? None of the above.

It's to note that the sun is in fact setting in this image. And that unlike the rising United States of America in the mid-1770s, the sun has set upon yet another car. Goodbye, minivan. We'll miss your aroma of wet dog and land steward sweat, the faint traces of violet herbicide dye upon your interior, and the ruddy glow of the ABS, check engine, TRAK OFF, and VSC lights that glinted in my eye each time I started you up. I hope your trip to the auction was dignified. I hope your body has gone on to the great compactor in the sky. Farewell.