Jared's digging/shoveling implements
March 20, 2011

Jared digging/shoveling a garden path
January 15, 2010

Rachel hates digging/shoveling. Here she is raking.
December 29, 2008

Jared digging/shoveling
December 29, 2008

Jared breaks from digging/shoveling
December 29, 2008

Jared digging/shoveling at the compost facility
December 30, 2008

Months ago, when our son began teething, I felt cut free from all that was important to me, at least those things unrelated to caring for a teething baby. Exhausted, I would lie in bed sleepless. "This is some time for me, but I really need to sleep," I thought.

I wrote a list entitled "What is Important to Me." Then I wrote another list, "Chores I Am Responsible For." Actually, I just wrote the title and didn't note any chores. I asked my husband to do the same. The former list was meant to remind us what we enjoy doing besides helping our son (and us) get some sleep. The latter list was a trap.

Every couple I know argues about two things: chores (you aren't doing do you know how much I do around here when was the last time you) and (your sh*tty) driving. I will have to address (your sh*tty) driving at some other time. That topic would take a while to discuss.

"What is Important to Me" was a nice list to write, and a pleasant one to share with each other. Sitting on the couch, we quietly read each others lists. We discussed, supporting each line - hiking, baking, photography, traveling... and remarking on how are lists were similar, but actually different.

Since I never wrote "Chores I Am Responsible For", I don't know how it felt for Jared to write his. I hadn't expected my trap, I mean, "Chores I Am Responsible For" list, to make me feel as it did. I read Jared's "Chores I Am Responsible For". My stomach began to tighten, then my chest tightened, tears rolled from the corners of my eyes.

Line 5 read "DIGGING" and line 11 read "SHOVELING". (Jared writes in ALL CAPS).

"'Digging?' 'Shoveling?' aren't those the same things?" I giggled.

"DIGGING and SHOVELING. Oh!" A deep, deep laugh rolled from my stomach upward. Jared began to laugh, too. Of course, we were tired (teething baby) and trying to suppress loud laughter (teething baby was napping), and we muffled our giddy snorts.

Jared's final entry on the "Chores I Am Responsible For" list was "VOICE OF REASON". Like (your sh*tty) driving, that's a topic worth further treatment.