Check Engine light

While my son napped one day this June, I collected elderflowers for him, for some future fever.

Check engine light on, check engine light off, a failed DMV inspection, a trip to the dealership with a baby, poor sleep, another trip to the dealership, meeting with car salesman, poor sleep. Mold from that rainy August is creeping in every corner, on the nightstand, in the closet. Heater's broken, too. When will this baby sleep well? When will this family sleep well? Still teething? Not eating enough?

Then, the crackle in the throat. Then, the choking while nursing. Still fine during the day, but the nights... Then, upset, crying during the day, fifteen minute naps, raging with tears at night, writhing. Herbal steams, saline drops, mucus suckin' bulb, teas, homeopathic remedies.

He seems a little warm. Overdressed? He seems warm still. Fever goes up to 102 degrees.

A fever of 101 is ok, just the immune system working I repeat, but 102. The immune system is like a muscle, it must be used to be robust, but 102. He's so hot! His cheeks are red, he's miserable. Jared brews elderflower tea. Two teaspoons and 15 minutes, fever's down a degree.

I know Children's Tylenol works, and I'd be surprised and anxious if it didn't, much like a check engine light turning back on. When herbal remedies work, I am pleased. Surprised. Like receiving a handwritten letter in the mail from a friend - deepening relationship across distance.