A 'mixed bag'

...the D&R Canal State Park's plant communities.

The phone company wuz here.
I can't imagine, but really, who else could give a boot camp hair cut to the trees?

Groundnut (Apios americana)
Incredible flowers. How is it that flowers and women look so similar?

Climbing Boneset (Mikania scandens) flowers and foliage. A very successful plant along the canal's banks.

A pea species - no time to identify to species. I was lucky enough to get a focused photograph as I was carrying my son in the Baby Bjorn carrier. He was wiggly on this walk. His legs are long, and he enjoys 'stepping' on my thighs as I move forward. If I was training for an athletic event, one other than motherhood, I'd be pleased.

Multiflora rose, prolific, but being pruned back slowly by rose rosette disease. Great, make way for those wild peas.

Knapweed and skipper

A real pain the in a** kind of plant. Ah, invasive vines.