Good friends provide good food

A clouded sulphur on the top bloom of a blazing star (Liatris spicata) on July 31.

We had visited this site a week before - the flowers were not yet open. We returned a week later and again, they seemed not yet in bloom. Or, maybe we missed them, I wondered. We wandered among the stems. Jared exclaimed, "I think they are opening as we stand here!" We stood in the blazing sun, the blazing stars began to open, and the pollinators arrived.

Spiked blazing star (Liatris spicata) with an approaching northern cloudywing

The northern cloudywing pauses for a moment, and I am able to make this photograph. Both Jared and I use Canon Elph 'point & shoot' cameras, requiring us to stalk close and quiet. No powerful zoom lens...just lots of patience (sometimes), luck (sometimes), and a steady hand (sometimes, and not so easy with the macro lens showing every tremble of the hand and hint of a breeze).

Two skippers. I've been told the skippers are the winter plumaged warblers of the butterfly world. Beautiful and they all look so similar...

Red admiral & wild bergamot (Monarda fistulosa)

Hummingbird clearwing, very patient until the camera was taken out.


Tiger swallowtails

The radiant and threatened northern blazing star (Liatris scariosa) at Kennebunk Plains, Maine

northern blazing star visited by two pollinators