Another Sleepy Miscellany

Deerberry in fruit

I probably have 3 and a quarter minutes to write before my son wakes, rolls over, scratches his sheets repeatedly (interesting noise or texture? - the sound was our alarm clock this morning), clambers up onto his bottom, and then up, again, pulls himself to standing so he can welcome noontime. "Arhrr, arhhr, yahha, arrya," he will say.

And what do I say now... hard to think of much besides babies, my son especially. So all consuming he is. I wandered around the house, pulled Japanese stiltgrass from the gardens, finished my book (Imagine that. Thank you, Fixed Bedtime Schedule.), drank a cup of tea, checked on my son about 3 times, folded some laundry, sat of the porch, thought about work, sent an email...


Mad Dog Skullcap...

...blooming in our wetlands garden, already. I transplanted about 6 plants we grew out from seeds collected last year. I don't know this plant yet, but it is a powerful nervine. I'm intrigued.

Tough, wiry, sprawling. We'll see.