Creatures of the earth of which you are one

spiraling open

crinkled like a newborn, unfolding from safety and in to the sun

where the creatures of the earth will visit your lately smooth skin

where you will find tiny things of great importance, things I may not notice

where you, yourself will be tiny, then great, tiny again


and fledgling each minute I watch you

sometimes bristly


or beautiful

hidden within yourself

A few words for my son as told by the creatures of the earth:
  1. Meadow phlox (Phlox maculata), Fulshaw Craeg
  2. Two-flowered cynthia (Krigia biflora), Sourlands
  3. Hearts a burstin' (Euonymus americanus), Sourlands
  4. Alumroot (Heuchera americana), Sourlands
  5. Snipe fly on violet leaf, Sourlands
  6. Black swallowtail chrysalis, Sourlands
  7. Baltimore checkerspot chrysalis, Sourlands
  8. Tachinid? fly, Minnewaska
  9. Crab spider on red clover, Catkills
  10. Moth near talus slope, Catkills
  11. Polyphemus moth, Catkills