Working through drizzle and hunger, pressing my bladder's capacity to new limits, we sped through the last of the big planting in the garden - tomatoes, peppers, beans. Grandma was over caring for our son.

In the right foreground, the giant Solomon's seal is thriving - last year it provided enough roots to make tinctures for us, two friends, and a gift for another. This year it has spread even more and we ate a couple stems like asparagus. It was tasty and unlike many wild edibles needed only brief cooking.

Many wild edible books advise boiling greens in many changes of water - not much tastes so good with that much cooking. Sure the tannins are leached out, but I'd prefer fresher spring greens after a long winter of long stored apples and meat and increasing bitter potatoes.

Also pictured on the right is a 5' tall beach plum raised from seed. Incredible blooms this year - and for the first time.

Onion starts from Agway and our greenhouse are doing well, and we're getting nice broccoli-like florets from the purple kale. It's quite lovely with purple-blue-green stems and brilliant yellow flowers. And, so much easier to cultivate than broccoli.