April 23, 2011

Multiflora rose mowed down! April 27, 2011

That forest canopy closed just like that. Spring beauties are on their last flower or so, and just as well because here come the lawn mowers. Trout lily is long (week or 2?) in seed and the foliage beginning to bleach out. Mayapple is beginning to flower. Long spurred violet, showy orchis... saw a tulip tree flower bud on the forest floor.

All the birds are here...the warblers I can't see or ID by song. An acquaintance recently said, "Birding by ear. When I started there was no such thing. There were so many birds around, wasn't necessary... war stories...I see rare bird sightings posted online and I think, 'That's rare?'."

I don't know when he got his start in birding, but frankly, even if was a while ago, it's less than a generation. Boy, I'm still waiting for that Kentucky warbler that went missing a couple years ago to come back. To quote my spouse, "Come on people, stop f***ing up." In this case, I mean, stop f***ing up the habitat.

I do suspect that last year's Baltimore oriole is back to defend his territory. I recognize his song.

Eastern phoebe is nesting on the house and it is a great joy to watch them hunt.

A bear visited our feeder (empty) a week ago. Jared saw him in the middle of the night, but the time I got up - the bear was gone. I admit to feeling nervous.

As a rule, I am respectfully cautious of large animals. Bears are different. Bears are like people. Just something about them.