What have I done?

Mother and child in public restroom - diaper changed, several photographs made, and a hungry baby nursed. Back to food shopping. I think parents should do chore- and child-related relay races. Add it to the 'to do list'.

I thought about keeping a list of what I've done each day. That's today's new idea. Just so I feel as though I've done something. So I can report to others upon their inquiry, "So, what did you do today?"


Today, my mom called, "Hi, you busy?"


"I can call you back."


"It's no problem."

"Uhh. I think I may be busy for the rest of my life," I say and my mom laughs. "So let's talk now. I wanted to call you today." I realize that the whole day, days even, might slip by before I call her back.

I ask again, though I've been told many times, when my brother's flight is arriving.

"Oh, he's already here," she says.

I sigh. I had forgotten it's already Tuesday.

My mom continues, "But, I booked the hotel for the wrong day. I thought our appointment was on 'x' day (you see, I've already forgotten what she told me several times), so I had to rebook it."

I wonder if getting dates wrong and forgetting date-related things is genetic or related to becoming a mother. Considering my history of arriving to observe a Chinese new year parade one day early, to visit museums on their closed day... I'd say this ailment is genetic, worsened by motherhood.


So, what have I done today?

1. 3 loads of laundry. 1 adult, line dried. 2 baby, both machine dried - trying to remedy that diaper rash.
1 1/2. 10 or more scissor kicks practiced outside. Interrupted by baby waking sounds. Brought leaves, stems, dirt in on my shoes and clothes. ALL OVER JARED'S VACUUMED (yesterday) CARPET. note: this was added many hours later... who has time to renumber unless you are using Excel.
2. 1 quart sized yogurt container of birdseed to the feeder.
3. 2 lunches - 1 bowl of pork bone soup at 11:10AM. 1 tub of reheated leftovers at 2PM. The daylight savings time change is nearly as bad as jet lag.
4. 1 walk down to the end of the lane to pick up the mail. Carried baby in hand because we both find the baby carrier can be disagreeable.
5. 2 pieces of mail retrieved.
6. 1 interpersonal interaction - waved to neighbor.
7. 1 phone call - as described above.
8. 2 components of dinner - rice noodles and coconut gravy to give the pork bone soup additional fatty goodness and starch.
9. 1 upload of digital photographs.
10. 1 caterpillar discovered along the roadside.
11. 1 more excited thought that SPRING IS COMING - insect field guides moved to 'short list' bookshelf in anticipation.
12. 1 caterpillar identified as a giant leopard moth caterpillar - maybe.
12a. 1 terrarium created for a caterpillar who is most likely not going to make it. The creature was oozing a brown liquid.

13. 3 swaddlings of 1 tired baby leading to 3 successful naps.
14. 2 ears listening for the eastern phoebe's return, instead hearing the occasional spring peeper.
15. 2 eyes watching the clouds roll in.
16. 1 responsible mind thinking of pulling 1 load of adult laundry in.
17. 1 finally creative mind digging out of a rut, writing this text, saying NO MORE LAUNDRY.
18. 1 rough attempt at 2010 Form 1040.
19. 3 mason jars of tired dried herbs discarded.
20. 2 attempts at Boericke's Materia Medica with Repertory.
21. 2 watering cans emptied on seedling trays in greenhouse.
22. 1 bag of trash to can.
23. I'm sure there's something else.
24. Several undocumented diaper changes, feedings, conversations, comfortings, cuddlings, smiles, laughs, coos, and shrieks

So, I have done something today.