It's 2:14 PM. My son is asleep during what I assume is a growth spurt. What will I do first:

1. Eat.
2. Nap.
3. Remove the thorn from my foot.
4. Search U.S. Fish and Wildlife's Forensic Laboratory Feather Atlas for the feathers I found at a kills site this afternoon. (Our first kill site discovered as a family. Does this go into the baby book?)
5. Floss.
6. Tend to the woodstove.
7. Go to the bathroom.
8. Dishes.

The results:
1. I ate a piece of chocolate and had a sip of water.
2. I'll sleep sometime. Collapse is inevitable.
3. The thorn couldn't wait because I couldn't walk.
4. Feather Atlas postponed to write this, though the point was to figure out what the feathers were and write about them, but I hear my son beginning to awaken.
5. Had to floss to remove that piece of clementine from lunch.
6. I tossed junk mail into the woodstove and caused smoke.
7. Reaching the level of discomfort that the thorn and the clementine attained.
8. Didn't I already do them?

Follow-up: The feathers look like a red morph screech owl. The feather size seems right, too. Bye, Screechy.