During our son's first days we were adventurous with volume and light. We now creep around the house with lights dimmed when he sleeps. Sun Ra and a Smithsonian collection of children's songs have been replaced by the "Sleep Sheep" generating soothing ocean sounds. Acceptable light levels for reading have been dimmed to accelerate vision loss.

However, yesterday morning the little boy slept through the rousing chorus of the Eureka Pet Lover that we purchased just before his birth (we have to vacuum sometime, we agreed, and neither one of us wanted to repair our trash-picked vacuum that smelled like the NJ Transit train as it passes Ikea in Elizabeth). He slept through several vacuum related episodes that sent me looking for the troubleshooting page in the manual:

PROBLEM: Spewing dust. SOLUTION: empty the canister regularly, especially if you vacuum semi-annually, live partly outside, have incredibly long hair and a woodstove.

PROBLEM: No Suction. SOLUTION: Remove piece of braided wire from roller.

PROBLEM: Still No Suction. SOLUTION: remove clump of debris from hose that looks like a pellet heaved from the guts of an owl that ate the contents (dust, hair, fuzz, splinters, sticks) of the vacuum canister.

PROBLEM: Burning Smell and No Power. SOLUTION: the vacuum thermostat overheated and caused automatic shutdown to prevent user from further damaging the unit. Wait half hour before resuming use of the unit. Take shower. Resume vacuuming if baby is still sleeping.