October 10, 2010

I'm sure numerologists found 10/10/10 a remarkable day. Thinking of 'tens' reminds me of a couple different times in my life -

1. Units and tens in grammar school math classes. I recall workbooks with die cut single blocks (units) and stacks of ten blocks (tens) and a ten by ten grid of blocks (hundreds). The private school I worked at a few years ago had blond wooden blocks for the same use. That's the difference between a public school in Rahway and a private school in Princeton area.

2. A short-lived basement-only band named Tens Unit that I sang for circa mid 1990s. Unfairly or maybe fairly, the band was named for the Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit that a bandmate's unpopular boss used to control pain.

3. An odd, very odd co-worker at a Phillipsburg bookstore asking my birthday, and replying, "You were born ten days and ten years after me. We must be connected in some way." My brows furrowed, and I excused myself. A 29 year old guy saying this to a young woman 10 years his junior - well, I interpreted that as "I'm going to stalk you." I never spoke to him again, and he was fired for throwing hardcover books at another female co-worker just a week later.

4. Here's a photographic tour of 10/10/10:


Laundry. Lots of similar-looking socks.


A long shot of "the other side of the house." Most of the clutter is cropped out of this image.

Photographs to be framed for an upcoming exhibit Jared and I are in.

Horrendous graphic design.

Framing hardware and one of our to do lists.

The framing process takes up yet another room.

Mullein seeds collected before I knew they were fish poison and had no medicinal value.

More herbal homework - primrose seeds, still not processed as of today.

Lavendar wands and amaranth seedheads - partially processed as of today.


Jared's seed collection.

Beets form the garden. Top left, okra seeds, still awaiting processing for seed or craft.

Hot pepper harvest - finally processed into paste and pickles after tasting a friend's homemade hot sauce.

Burdock root tea. Supposed to be good for you. Started as tan, but turned green while we were in the garden. "Not bad tasting. Good for you. Yeeeach."