"What have I got...

...that makes you want to love me?" croons Alice Cooper on Love It To Death. Is it my garbage? Some of my out of date, "third class" (deep storage) feminism, art, or theory books? You better tell me, tell me. It's really up to you. Have you got the dumpster that will accept my moldy crap?

Packing for our move the H-E-double hockey sticks out of Queens, we classified any items that we had many of (books, records, kitchen utensils, trinkets/decor) 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class. First class meant that it would come along with us to the next living space (Michigan). Second class meant we wanted to see it at some point, but it would not fit in the truck on the drive west. Third class meant we had spent money on the item at some point and probably would have appreciated any cash generated from the item's sale. However, that cash would not amount to much, so we'd see that item again at some point.

I tried marking some boxes "2.5" or "1.5" rather than by a whole number. I was VICIOUSLY SHOT DOWN and with good reason.

I am certain that any books that formerly resided within this box within one of our parents' attics have all been shipped via media mail to students seeking bargain texts online. So, indeed, these books did get us through some thin months.