The raccoon through the screen door. Photo by Jared.

A raccoon walked across our front lawn, up our front steps, across the porch, down into the woodland garden, out to the walkway, along our meadow trail, and finally under the tupelo (The Half Tree) whose boughs cascade down to the ground, behind which the raccoon disappeared.

This trail walker looked like a house cat who easily walks the "master's" well-worn paths. Reminds me of what many of us in the stewardship/preservation world say, "Not too many hikers yet, but the deer sure use the trail."

I, too, follow trails that make the forest easy to navigate. Old logging roads and deer paths work best for an upright adult.

As I child in Rahway, I followed several types of paths: sidewalks - the half mile to school & my Grandfather's homemade cement walkway with broken brown, green, and blue glass embedded, the cinder trail around the lake in Rahway River park near the school, and the unofficial (I guess) trail along Rahway River's banks from Whittier to at least Church Street.

Having been in one place for nearly five years - the longest ever since I've been on my own - we've worn obvious trails around our house. In the shade, the trails are exposed dirt. In the sun, path rush and plantain.