A walk in the Catskills

shows me the track of an fallen tree

the pollinator of the bluebead lily resting atop a fern blade

the attention of the long-spurred violet who lines the trail with six or eight other violets, the leaves of the common violet satisfy my thirst

speckles of the Virginia waterleaf always in repose

the wings of a mother bird

the rouged leaves of the painted trillium

red lanterns of columbine, solitary, awaiting more sun

Junco's nest, woven by a bird fed on mountain mint seed harvested from my lawn an overnight flight away

The blooms of bluebead lily found by Jared who turned off the trail, drawn by who knows who - the lily?

a dark insect drawn to the light

the trillium on the ridge


and dwarf fairy candles usually called foamflower