Adventure on the lane

Our lane, Sourlands, February, 3, 2009

As we drove, the headlights shone upon her. She looked up, and we saw her drop something in the driveway. Looked like a bone. She started towards us.

Jared hollered, "Dog's here!"

We had just passed the neighbor and one of his dogs walking along the lane. Darkness had just fallen and the temperature had dropped. "Can't find the other dog," he laughed. "Wonder if she found a deer carcass," he said and sighed.

She had found a deer carcass - most of a spine and most of a rear leg. The assemblage was in a eccentric heap, joints were still attached. As we approached, she wagged her tail, sauntered back to the bone pile and grabbed the lower leg. She wagged and stretched her neck out, the bones flopped.

Our neighbor caught up, and we joked about soup bones. He took the bones, and the male dog showed interest. Our neighbor swung the bones behind his back, and the dog leapt after them. We laughed and said goodnight.