Don't let the veery fool you

A veery pair can call in members of the thrush genus faster than the ice cream man can call in the neighborhood kids. This I learned.

A pair of veeries have been very active around the house the past few days. I thought they might be nesting late (they are single brooded however). Today I received an urgent call to the back window - a veery chick was stuck in a cold frame. The little bird's wings were not flight ready, the frame was several inches too tall.

The parents flew repeatedly across the yard. "Veert. Veert."

We went outside to assist. By now, several birds took interest. I decided to remove the bird rather than the heavy frame. The chick shrieked. I was divebombed several times by two veeries and one robin. I shrieked.

I lifted one edge of the frame and the chick tried to run up the steep incline. "Veert!" "Tseep!" All I could hear was robin and veery wings and alarm calls.

The chick ran for cover - an unmowed patch of clover. The veery parents and robin had called in a catbird pair and an oriole (thankfully did not divebomb me).

We went inside and watched the parents sail back and forth looking for the veery chick. We never witnessed the reunion, but abaut a half hour later heard soft calling - hopefully, the chick, saying, "Feed me, then tuck me in. It's been a long day."